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Destiny’s Dancing Takes a New Twist with a Backstreet Boys Routine

It’s well known you can dance in Destiny, but some would say there is a time and a place for it. Other players though don’t care about the danger, they just won’t to put together dance routines during battle.

In a new video by Husky Raid everything starts off normal, with the Guardians in the middle of battle. Then Everybody by the Backstreet Boys starts to play, and that is when things start to get weird.

Even though it is weird to start to dance during missions, the fact that the choreography for the dancing is so well done makes the video strangely hard to look away from. As the scenes change, the camera moves around the group and enemies (including Titans) are brought into the routine you can’t help but be impressed by the way the video has been put together.

Will this video start a trend of music videos using Destiny? This could be the risk, hopefully the choice of music doesn’t get too odd, but of course some would question the use of Backstreet Boys. Whatever your choice in music though kudos has to be given to dancers: g1vMEE uh HAN, VoidJedi appel, SuperStartop, BoisterousBiddy, MegaMagwitch, Acetonicetryle, Twizinator1.

With the ability to record gameplay, and to stream it becoming easier it is always fun to see what gamers come up with. It may not be what the games are designed to do, but if it can be done, then why not? The main thing is to have fun, and this video proves just how much fun you can have with Destiny, even without having to fire a gun.

Are you impressed by Husky Raid’s music video? Let us know your thoughts below.