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Concept Art Revealed for Cancelled Final Fantasy 12 Spin-off Fortress

While it is always disappointing when games are cancelled, it is also interesting to see the work that had already been done on the project. Today concept art has been revealed for Fortress a cancelled Final Fantasy 12 spin-off.

Gamespot have a gallery of 60 images, a few that you can see below and what we can see is just how beautiful the artwork is. It’s a shame that we won’t see it in game form, though it would be interesting to see how far into development the game was.

Before GRIN studios was shut down in 2009 they had put six month’s work into the game, with in-game assets and concept art in progress. When the project was cancelled not many details were actually given as to why.

A lot of the concept art shows armour that would be used in the game as well as new style of mounted Chocobos that wore armour and would take part in combat. The images also include some of the monsters that would be battled against as well as some of the landscapes that would be used in the game.

Looking at the artwork and concept art is interesting because it gives an insight into the look of the game as well as development. The level of detail shown in the characters and creatures may not have made it into the game, but at this point in development that wasn’t important. This was about forming ideas then translating them into the game itself.

Would you have liked to play Fortress? Let us know your thoughts on the game below.