CD Projekt Red Ask for Feedback on Steam Controller Mapping for The Witcher 3

With the upcoming release of the Steam Controller November 10, many games will have to be mapped to the new device. Today CD Projekt Red took to Steam to ask for user feedback for help with the task.

Posting a message on the Steam community page for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red’s Łukasz Babiel states that while they have been working on a default controller scheme for the game they would like the gamers to also provide feedback for the scheme. Hopefully this will lead to the best settings to be found when the controller is officially released.

The controller mapping they have in place so far is:

Almost all controller mapping stayed as it was, so: A – sprint, roll, interaction; X – fast attack; Y – strong attack; B – jump, dodge; LT – Witcher senses; LB – radial menu etc.

The differences are:

  1. The right touchpad works in “Joystick move” style of input, not in e.g. mouse mode as you can see in this video. There’s always room for improvement, so feel free to give your feedback about response curve, dead zone area etc. (advanced options). Feels weird at first, but give it a shot.
  2. Left grip button (LG) is responsible for cycling through Signs. Of course you can remap there anything (maybe quicksave?), but I thought that fast Sign changing will be most useful.
  3. Right grip button (RG) is duplicated A input (sprint, roll, interaction). This allows you to sprint AND move the camera at the same time and roll during a fight without a need to move your thumb from X/Y buttons. Maybe you have some other ideas?

One thing that is interesting that comes from this request for feedback is the flexibility of the controller itself. With controller presets being able to be set per game in Steam, you’ll be able to come up with setting that are more flexible than those offered in the game itself.

Will you be buying a Steam controller when they are available? What do you think of the flexibility of the controller mapping? Let us know your thoughts on the controller and the Witcher 3 control scheme below.