Xcom 2 Developers Talk About Its Darker Theme, Says “Loss is Important”

The upcoming XCOM 2 will feature a darker theme compared to previous game. To explain why developers choose to go down this path, Creative Director Jake Solomon spoke during a recent Firaxicon event.

According to Solomon, “loss in important” and it’s not easy telling a story without going to a darker place. In his words:

Loss is important. It’s hard to tell this story without going to a darker place. If we’ve lost earth, then we’ve kind of embraced that. With character customization in XCOM 2, we’ve really pushed that. Again, in a darker way; your characters have scars, and they’ve got tattoos. They don’t look like the best soldiers in the world; they look like a motorcycle gang. You are spending all this time customizing characters that are going to die.

So I will be spending hours customizing soldiers and they’ll die in battle? Hopefully, there is an incentive to customizing characters, otherwise, what is the point of spending much time on this? However, it does help connect with your comrades, and losing them will have an emotional impact.

Solomon explains more about the game in the video above. XCOM 2 will release on February 5, 2016 for PC, let us know what you think of its darker tone in the comments below.