Watch this Final Fantasy XV Luminous Engine & Motion Capture Video

The development of Final Fantasy XV has been rather weird. It’s a game that has nearly taken a decade to make, yet we’re still not sure of when it’ll launch, if at all. That doesn’t prevent Square Enix from advertising it to constantly titillate the JRPG lover inside us.

Just last month at the CEDEC 2015, the firm released a demonstration video of the engine being used in Final Fantasy XV. Called the Luminous Engine, it’s what powers the graphics of Final Fantasy XV and possibly more future Final Fantasy games. It’s a pretty impressive piece of technology, and Square Enix wants everyone to see its accurate motion and face-capture features.

The video shown doesn’t really give us anything new to work with as far as Final Fantasy XV itself is considered, but it’s nice to know what kind of effort is being put into a title that is seemingly taking forever to be released.

We still don’t know when it’s coming, but we’re hoping Square Enix will tell us, at least by March next year. Whenever it does release, it will be for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.