StarCraft II Patch 3.0 Now Available in SEA Region; Patch Notes Inside

StarCraft II update v.3.0 is ready for download in SEA region and brings huge UI/UX changes to the game.

The said update is not at all exclusive to Legacy of the Void owners and will eventually be available to all the players. Here’s a round-up of changes being rolled out with update v.3.0:

We’ve made major changes to the StarCraft II user interface as we prepare for Legacy of the Void and wanted to share what we’ve been working on and the reasoning behind the new design. The changes below will be released with Patch 3.0 and everyone will be receiving the update, whether you only own Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, or even just the Starter Edition.

Our major goal with changing the user interface was for StarCraft II to be a more social experience. With this in mind, we examined the chat system and identified two major drawbacks with the multiple window chat system.

The first issue was having to frequently minimize windows, which resulted in players being unable to quickly read and respond to chat. Secondly, we didn’t like how you had to leave an empty window open if you didn’t want to miss when someone joined an empty chat channel, potentially increasing the clutter on your screen.

Since the update is now rolling out in SEA region, you can expect it to roll out in other regions close to Legacy of the Void release date. For complete patch notes, head over here.