New Details Revealed About John Wick Virtual Reality Game

John Wick, probably the sleeper hit movie of the year is being turned into a VR experience. Revealed earlier in the year as a collaboration between Starbreeze Studios and Lionsgate the companies have revealed some more details about the game.

The game, as expected will be an FPS, and will be based on the world and characters from the John Wick film. It will be centered around the Continental Hotel. A teaser game will also be released alongside the HTC Hive, and be available via Steam VR. This release will come later this year.

The teaser experience will be part of the current HTC Vive World Tour which is making its way through the United States and Europe to show off the new Virtual Reality technology. It will be interesting to see just how much content the game will actually have. Will it live up to be a “John Wick” experience that compares to the action seen in the movie? Fans may expect it, but it may not be what we get.

Games like this based on movies may work out well for Virtual Reality headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. It is easy to build up an “experience” based on what people see in the movies and in trailers, and to use the game as a marketing tool for the movies. Whether these will offer a substantial gaming experience though is another matter.

As gaming moves into this current generation and we as gamers quite rightly expect more from the games, it will be questionable as to whether the games we play in Virtual Reality can live up to the ones we see on screen. With games like this new John Wick one, could this be the future of games based on movies?

What are your thoughts on the John Wick game? Are you looking forward to trying it out?