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MGS 5: Metal Gear Online Released on Consoles, Includes Microtransactions

The day a lot of MGS 5 fans have been waiting for is finally here, well for the console version at least. Metal Gear Online is finally available to play on the PlayStation and Xbox version of MGS 5, and as many expected, it comes with microtransactions.

FOB Insurance, as the game names the microtransaction, allows players to use coins purchased with real money to act as insurance for their Forward Operating Base. The insurance works just like real life insurance would, if players end up losing stuff from their base, it will be replaced for free as long as their insurance period is still active.

Whenever a player attacks another player’s FOB, most of the staff and material stolen by the invader will be replaced if the FOB is insured. The insurance however doesn’t cover staff in the brig, wounded or sick in the med bay, staff deployed to defensive FOB positions or any nuclear weapons the base may hold.

The insurance comes in different packages as well as a three day trial:

  • 50 coins – one day cover
  • 100 coins – three days cover
  • 200 coins – seven days cover
  • 300 coins – 14 days cover

MGS 5 coins are priced as low as £0.79 for 100 coins to as high as £39.99 for 6000 coins. The update that marks the launch of MGO also brings with it the option to use these coins to speed up construction of platforms on FOB.