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Mafia 3 will Answer Many Questions from Mafia 2 and will Highlight the Problems of Racism

Mafia 3 may be taking a look at a different type of Mafia, but it won’t be ignoring the games that came before it. In fact some questions that were left unanswered from the second game will be a feature.

Hangar 13 talked to TellmeaboutGames and hinted at the connections between the two games, importantly they wanted to make sure fans of the games know the past games won’t be ignored:

“The players are concerned that the events of Mafia 2 are simply forgotten. From the narrative point of view, we will answer many questions left unanswered. “

Another important element to Mafia 3 will be the question of racism, looking at how Lincoln Clay as a racial minority will be treated in the game:

“The role of the police will fully reflect the times in which the title is set,” confirmed the lead writer William Harms. The design director Matthias Worch has instead added: “This is 1968 in the far south; the police would hit you like a hammer. “

They did want to stress though, that this would not be used in a sensationalist manner:

“We do not want to look sensational, but we want to stimulate a reflection on the meaning of art.All good art makes you think and it remains to you “

As well as this new information about the game, Gameinformer also revealed their cover for the November issue which features the game:


Setting up the game well it looks like the “Italian Mob messed with the wrong man”.

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