Mad Catz Apologizes For Rock Band 4 Xbox One Stock Shortage

There is no doubt that Harmonix’ Rock Band series is extremely popular among music lovers of all age groups. The game makes you feel like a real rockstar even if you can’t actually play a music instrument. This is exactly why it came as no surprise when the recently released Rock Band 4 became a great critical and commercial success.

Well, that success had its downside as well; especially for the players who were going to purchase the physical version of Rock Band 4 for Xbox One. The problem is that the Xbox One physical version is sold out at pretty much every major retailer such as Amazon, GAME, and GameStop.

The physical version of the game comes with Legacy Game Controller Adapter, which allows fans with Xbox 360 instruments to use them with their Xbox One, so they can save a bit of money.

Publisher and Distributor Mad Catz has issued an apology for the shortage of stock, while also saying that they did warn it was better to pre order since the demand was too high.

Mad Catz PR exec. Alex Verrey told Eurogamer that those who pre-ordered the game will be receiving their copy on Day One without any delay and the stores will continue to restock through October, so players who are interested in playing as soon as possible should place their order with retailers so they can get their hands on the game as soon as new stock arrives.

There are, however, no such issues for users who went with the digital copy of the Rock Band 4 Xbox One version, besides requiring new Xbox One compatible instruments. PS4 users can also play without any hassle since PS3 instruments work without the need of any adapter.