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Hajime Tabata Talks About What He’d Like to Work On After Final Fantasy 15

As part of the same Q&A feature where Capcom revealed some details on a possible Resident Evil 7 other companies took part too. The director of Final Fantasy XV and director of Kingdom Hearts 3 also had a few interesting things to reveal.

While Final Fantasy 15 is a huge task for director Hajime Tabata, he won’t always be working on that project. Once it is finished and released, he was asked what kind of game he would like to move to next, to which he replied:

“There will definitely be something next. And I’d like to challenge something large-scaled, too. It won’t be a sequel to Final Fantasy XV, and not a series that follows the flow as seen in the Final Fantasy Type-0 series.”

Moving onto Tetsuya Nomura, when asked what he would like to work on he revealed he has a mountain of plans, the problem for him is finding time to actually work on them:

“I have mountains of plans, and I would like to work on them if given the occasion, but that’s what I haven’t had lately.”

When asked if he could give any hints as to what to expect from Kingdom Hearts 3, the only thing he would reveal is:

“There will be new information at the Disney Event “D23” on November 3rd!”

While fans main focus are of course what these directors are working on now, it is interesting to think what they will work on in the future. With the two directors busy well into 2016 though I doubt we’ll be hearing of any new titles from them anytime soon.

What would you like to see Hajime Tabata and Tetsuya Nomura working on next? Let us know your thoughts below.