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Far Cry Primal Story Revealed, is a Full-Fledged Singleplayer Experience

Far Cry Primal has been confirmed, and the official Ubisoft blog just released details of the game’s story. According to Ubisoft, Far Cry Primal will be a singleplayer only experience – a full-fledged story-driven title that seems to take a lot of inspiration from Mel Gibson’s film Apocalypto.

The game will take place in the ‘untamed land of Oros’, where the players will play as the character Takkar, a sole survivor of an ambush on his hunting group. Takkar, on his own in a harsh world, will have to face ancient animals like mammoths, savage sabretooth tigers, hostile rival hunters, and more as he attempts to reunite with his lost tribe.

The game is understood to be set in the Stone Age. As with previous Far Cry titles, it will be set in a massive open world.

This time around though, the world will have much more diversity, and the game will offer various primal challenges, such as using fire to fend off dangerous predatory animals during night time. Use of crafting will be key, as Takkar will have to craft his own weapons from the bones of the beasts he slays and the resources he salvages.

Far Cry Primal will release in February next year. Ubisoft is expected to release more details in the near future.