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Far Cry Primal Leaked? Will be Set in the Ice Age

This is interesting! Only a couple of hours ago the official YouTube

" target="_blank">channel of Ubisoft started a livestream of something that looks like a cave painting from the good old days when we didn’t have our iPads to draw things on.

Entire speculations on this suggest that it is something related to Far Cry because, well, its been a while – a and also because a new Far Cry game set in the Ice Age would really make sense after they have experimented around the way they have.

However, if that was not enough, IGN Turkey’s Twitter profile leaked what is supposed to be the first image from the game which they are referring to as Far Cry Primal.

The image looked pretty legit although some might be able to find similarities between this and titles like Zeno Clash. Anyhow, the tweet was taken down soon after it went up, and interestingly, their Twitter account has also been suspended.

Far Cry Primal

Both of these things make it even more probable that they were onto something here. Far Cry Primal might actually be the game that Ubisoft has been teasing through that livestream.

Would you like it if they are taking you to the Ice Age with Far Cry Primal?