Destiny: New Secret Room is Just “Oryx’s Basketball Court” Easter Egg

If you had been trying hard first to get to the secret room that you heard of in the Destiny forums and then working your ass off trying to find if there were any unlockable secrets or loot inside, let me break it to you that your efforts have gone to waste.

Well, sort of.

Seeing the Guardians trying everything they could inside the secret room, Bungie Creative Director Luke Smith, took to his official Twitter and clarified that it was actually an Easter Egg that he termed “Oryx’s Basketball Court.”

Oryx’s Basketball Court is a fun Easter Egg the team put together. It’s just a place to Dunk like your neighbors 8 ft rim. No loot to find.

Don’t go “we told you so” because while it did look like a place to do hoops, getting there was a pretty intricate task that made the players expect more from it.

Anyhow, the room has a relic statue that would be Destiny’s alternative to a hoop and a round relic that looks just like a basketball. Moreover, Destiny players in the region also figured out how to take the ball and jump using the launch pads to dunk.

It was all pretty cool, but apparently not what some of the players expected.