Destiny Microtransactions Coming with “Silver” Currency

So Bungie is bringing back Tess Everis and she is bringing with her a new storefront, a new look and new items for to be sold. However, there is more to it. With these new changes, Bungie is finally introducing microtransactions to Destiny!

While explaining what items you will be able to buy from Tess, DeeJ also revealed a new currency called Silver. This will be available for purchase separately on the store:

To acquire these items, you’ll first need to pick up some “Silver,” a new in-game currency that will be available for purchase through the store associated with your console. Images and descriptions for each available emote, along with pricing information for Silver will be made available Tuesday, October 13th, alongside the launch of the in-game storefront right here on as soon as the content is live.

Some free Silver is also going to be given away to Destiny players in the beginning; but nothing changes for those who don’t like the idea.

Bungie says you won’t be forced to purchase, you will continue to get updates, and it won’t affect Crucible or Raid if you do not purchase anything.

Destiny is going to get microtransactions in one week’s time.