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Xbox One Button-Mapping Not Restricted to Elite Controllers; Will Come to All Gamepads

Microsoft has confirmed that button-mapping will eventually come on all Xbox One gamepads.

The said feature will allow users to reassign the buttons to their preference and was thought to be exclusive to $149.99 Elite Controller. Moreover, the feature also rolled out on Playstation 4 via v.2.5.0 FW update.

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra confirmed the feature on Twitter in response to a fan complaining that users should not be forced to buy Elite Controller to utilize a basic feature:

Currently, there is no knowing when Microsoft plans to roll out the feature, but a huge Xbox One update is bound for next month which will bring Backward Compatibility, a UI overhaul, and other new features – here is to hoping the upcoming update will include the button-mapping as well.

Elite Controller, on the other hand, not only allows button remapping, but also packs a ton of features which blow the highly expensive Scuf Controller out of water.

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Are you excited to see Xbox One finally getting the button-mapping feature as well? Let us know in the comments section below!