Xbox One 500GB Game Bundle + NBA 2K16 Available For $349, 1TB Bundle + NBA 2K16 for $399

If you are looking for a good deal to get your hands on an Xbox One console, and you also happen to be an NBA fan, you are in luck these days!

Check out Amazon right now and you will find out that there are a number of Xbox One game bundles with a 1TB console that are being offered alongside an additional copy of NBA 2K16 for just the original price of the console i.e. $399!

Not just that, two other game bundles also offer 500GB consoles with an additional copy of NBA 2K16 for merely $349!

Just so that you are clear on this, we are talking about a console, a copy of NBA 2K16 and another copy of a game that the bundle originally brings you!

Here’s a rundown on each one of the bundle, for each of them you save an additional $60:

As you can see, for each one of the Xbox One game bundles mentioned above, you are saving about $60 on the price of the bundle.

Hurry up and get yours before it is too late!