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Users not Happy with the Current-State of PS4 Communities; Offer a List of Issues to be Fixed

From the initial reception, it appears like the fans are not too happy with PS4 communities.

With FW v.3.0.0, Sony added tons of new features; one of which is communities which is designed to bring a forum-like experience on a console environment.

Despite a beta, the said feature is far from being perfect with fans criticizing Sony across the internet. The most common complaints against the PS4 communities include no topics, the inability to direct reply, no community events, and more:

  • Does not have community search
  • No forum system with topics/categories
  • Only a text mural
  • Unable to give direct replies
  • No community events/calendar
  • No connectivity with the PlayStation app
  • The popular communities just have thousands of people begging for psn card
  • There are no official communities for each game/application

It is pretty evident that there is a lot of room for improvement which Sony will hopefully implement with regular updates. To be honest, these are some of the most basic things that must be kept in mind while designing a forum-like experience and I’m surprised to see them neglected in the first place.

What is your experience with PS4 communities? Is there something else that you would like to suggest? Let us know in the comments section below!