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Ubisoft Purchase Ivory Tower, The Developers of The Crew

With The Crew topping over 3 million players worldwide and the next expansion coming in the form of The Crew Wild Crew the game looks to be going from strength to strength. This is probably why Ubisoft decided to share some more good news.

Today they revealed that they have in fact bought the company, which is obviously a good sign that we’ll be seeing more expansions for The Crew and maybe even some sequels. Now their main job will be to keep everything running smoothly and to keep people invested in still playing. It also needs to bring back players that have left it after their initial playthrough.

Ahmed Boukhelifa, the Managing Director of Ivory Tower had this to say about Ubisoft buying the company:

“We’ve always enjoyed a very positive relationship with Ubisoft. Working together on The Crew, and celebrating its success, made us both understand that we have huge potential in continuing to work together in the future. By joining Ubisoft, the team at Ivory Tower will continue to benefit from Ubisoft’s infrastructure, support, tools, technology and vision. In return, we will contribute our own expertise to the broader Ubisoft story.”

So things are looking positive for the company right now, and for fans of The Crew it means that the game and its online services are in safe hands. The question has to be, what will come next?

After the expansions have been released for the game and we look to the future, will we see The Crew 2? Or will we see something different? While The Crew has been a success and people still do play it, once you’ve completed the game there is little to keep you invested. This will obviously be something the expansions to the game and future versions will have to focus on, what the end game brings to the players.

What are your thoughts on Ubisoft purchasing Ivory Tower? Are you looking forward to seeing more of The Crew? Let us know below.