The Elder Scrolls Online Orsinium DLC Expansion Details and Release Revealed

Bethesda has revealed that its expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Online Tamriel Unlimited will be available in November.

This DLC pack will heavily focus on the land of Orsinium, the ancient city that was once home to the Orcs located deep in the mountain of Wrothgar.

With this new region obviously arrive a ton of new quests, items, locations, bosses, and more, and those with an ESO Plus membership will have access to it all for free. If you don’t have an ESO Plus membership, you can acquire the DLC expansion by spending 3,000 crowns in the ESOTU Crown Store.

There is also a collector’s bundle available for 5,000 crowns, which contains the Cave Bear Mount, the Cave Bear Cub, and five Crown Experience Scrolls. In addition to the Orsinium DLC pack itself, players will also receive the base game if they purchase the pack at no additional cost.

The Elders Srolls: Tamriel Unlimited will get its Orsinium expansion on November 2 for PC, on November 17 for Xbox One, and on November 18 on PlayStation 4. You can read further details about the game and check out the official reveal video on Bethesda’s official website.