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Steam Goodness Is Going to Steam Into Retail Stores Soon

Gaming industry giant Valve has announced that its game service Steam will be getting its own sections at GameStop, GAME, and EB Game Stores in USA, UK, and Canada respectively.

This is likely done in light of the forthcoming release of Valve hardware, such as the Steam Controller, Steam Link, and Steam Machine, all due for release in November. All three of the mentioned Valve hardware gadgets will be available in the aforementioned retails stores alongside prepaid Steam cards.

Steam Controller

The Steam Controller is Valve’s idea of the ideal wireless gamepad. Priced at $49.99, the Steam Controller will come with configurable controls, and is said to be usable in scenarios where keyboard and mouse would be the optimal choice.

Steam Link

The Steam Link is a device that lets you hook up your TV to your PC or a Steam Machine, and is also priced at $49.99. It will stream the games on a TV at 60fps and 1080p resolution.

Steam Machine

Finally, there’s the Steam Machine. Expected at a starting price of $449.99, it’s a mini-PC that comes in various configurations (different hard-drives and graphic performance configs) that you can hook up with your TV and play Steam games on.

There’s plenty of Steam goodness from Valve this year, who are transitioning to the hardware side after pretty much conquering the digital part of gaming.

Source: PC Vision