Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo – Here Are Some New Realistic Screenshots of the Game

Developer Milestone has revealed some pretty amazing screenshots of their upcoming rally simulation game called Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo.

The screenshots show off the gorgeous looking tracks in the game, with highly detailed textures and life-like surface reflections and lighting. All the new images come from the French rally, and it seems some of them are actually Loheac.

The road details don’t look plainly aesthetic though – the large amounts of inconsistencies, dirt, and differing levels of grip would actually come into play while rallying, making it a truly challenging experience that puts your driving skills to the test.

The release date of Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo was announced back in July to be pushed forward all the way to a somewhat vague ‘early 2016’. Although many fans showed displeasure towards the news, it should allow Milestone to further polish up the game to make it a true rally experience.

Till then, you can stare at these gorgeous in-game screenshots and day-dream about yourself driving rally cars on them.