Metal Gear Pachinko Game Spotted – Konami Calls it ‘Big Boss’

We didn’t really expect anything good to come out of the Kojima-Konami problem, and it was inevitable that Konami would use its ownership rights of the Metal Gear franchise in manners we never expected following Kojima’s departure.

Well, it seems we’re getting the first bit of sniff of that. Apparently, Konami is releasing a pachinko version of Metal Gear. This was first spotted by Kotaku, and according to them the pachinko game is titled ‘Big Boss’.

It also appears to have been registered by KPE, Konami’s pachinko production branch. Apart from the logo, there hasn’t been any additional information revealed.

For those who are unaware, pachinko are a type of mechanical games made and distributed in Japan, and are used as either recreational arcade games or for gambling. It’s not very common for folks to own pachinko games in the west, but in Japan it is a fairly well-known product.

This isn’t the first Konami AAA title to get a pachinko variant of a game. The publisher has previously released pachinko variants of renowned franchises like Castlevania and Silent Hill in the past.