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Kingdom Hearts 3: Nomura Talks About Battle System, Engine Changes, and Characters

Kingdom Hearts 3 director, Tetsuya Nomura, has shared some new info regarding the game’s use of engine, battle system, and development background.

Speaking with GamesTM; Nomura said that the developing team had to start from scratch and ensure that everything was working with Unreal Engine. He continued that the team also built a shader specifically for the title which is why there was a gap between the announcement and new information:

We had to start from the beginning again. We had to be sure you can play everything with the Unreal Engine, everything we needed for kingdom Hearts. We have also developed a shader specific for the title and we have adapted to the new engine. This explains the gap between the announcement and the new information.

Speaking of battle system in Kingdom Hearts 3; Nomura said that the mechanics are a mix of spin-offs and new ideas. Users will experience new movement system and the transformation of Keyblade which will be vital:

It’s a mix between the various spin-offs and new ideas. We have developed unique movements and entirely new and there is also the transformation of the Keyblade and its all part of the plot and history. There are so many possibilities because we have access to better hardware.

Lastly, speaking of multiple playable characters in Kingdom Hearts 3, Nomura said that nothing can be said utmost certainty at this time and more will be revealed at a later stage.