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Kindred Delayed for League of Legends until Update 5.20

As we know with games releases and updates sometimes things don’t go to plan. This looks to be what has happened with the release of the Kindred Skin for League of Legends.

With fans asking when the skin would finally be released, we’ve finally been updated by Riot Games the status of the Kindred.

“Hey folks,

Despite being in the 5.19 patch notes and just having their champion spotlight released, I have to share the very sad news that Kindred will not be enabled until 5.20.

We found an important, gameplay-impacting issue that we can’t release, specifically related to Kindred. Rather than rush a fix out the door, we are going to take due diligence to maintain the integrity of the game and release Kindred (all fixed up) next patch, once it has had adequate coverage. Until that time I hope Worlds can sustain your hype train. We really can’t wait to get this champ in your hands and see what you can do with them. They are (still) coming!”

As the World Championships are taking place and focus will be on keeping them running smoothly, obviously Kindred won’t be of high importance. It is nice to see that instead of rushing the update out though Riot Games have taken a more sensible decision to hold back the skin until update 5.20.

Obviously fans who are looking forward to seeing Kindred in the game will be disappointed, but I’m sure they are much happier with a fully working game. It’s not worth impacting the game in a negative way just to meet a deadline. We’ve all seen evidence of this with games such as Assassin’s Creed Unity which was released broken.

Are you happy to wait for Kindred? Let us know your thoughts below.