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Hanger 13 Want Mafia 3 to be More Than Just Another Italian Mafia Story

With the reveal of Mafia 3 fans of the first two games have obviously been excited about the continuation of the story. One surprise was the fact that it seemed to move away from its Italian mob routes.

Speaking to Examiner Haden Blackman, creative director has talked about the direction of the game, and how why there was a move to take the organised crime in a different direction:

“A couple pillars of the franchise are obviously that sense of time and place with a strong story, that’s what Mafia II was really known for. For me, I really want to recapture the term Mafia to mean more than just the Italian mob. To me it means organized crime. We can apply it to all types of organized crime, so that was the first conversation we had internally was how can we apply it to more than just the Italian mob and start to expand what we can do in the game”

In Mafia 3 the focus on the “mob” is more about the need for a family, and how the setting of New Orleans allows for a different type of mob to emerge:

“That whole notion of being an orphan and looking for a place to belong was something we had really early on. We explore a couple of things with this. One is it’s not just that he was raised as an orphan, he was raised in a Catholic Orphanage and that has its own weight to it. But once the orphanage is closed, what is he going to do? Well he’s probably going to have to hit the streets and start trying to figure out how to survive. For me, what’s really interesting about him is this notion that no matter what he does, he is always looking for this place to belong, though he can never really find it”

It is this loyalty to this “family” that is his fatal flaw:

“It instills in him this overblown sense of loyalty and that becomes his fatal flaw. It’s a really admirable quality, but he is so loyal that it gets him into a lot of trouble. Once the Italian mob betrays the black mob, that loyalty still drives him to seek revenge”

So although the “mob” in the game might be different, the same loyalty to the gang is in the end what the game will work off of. It appears that even with a different setting, the main character’s story may not be that different afterall.

Does the story of Mafia 3 interest you or would you rather more of a focus on the Italian Mafia? Let us know your thoughts below.