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Developer Promises Something “Like Mario 64” for Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that is ever expanding and comes in many different versions. With new features constantly being promised, it looks like something big could be coming to the PC version.

All we know about this new “secret” feature of the game is what Pocket Edition developer Tommaso Checchi has said on Twitter:

While this doesn’t reveal much, if we look at what could come from Mario 64 and make its way into the game, the most obvious thing would be the Painting Portals. While Minecraft does have its own portal system there is little hint as to where these portals will take you. If the new portals had an actual image (or painting) of the destination this would be much more user friendly.

Another feature that could make their way over could be things such as better jumping ability to be able to explore more of the Minecraft environment, but other than that what else could there be? This is sure to keep fans of the game puzzled for a while but any update that excites the developers has to be good news for the game.

Another reason for the use of “Mario 64” is also revealed in what Checchi tweeted next:

Maybe he wasn’t actually saying that the update was inspired by Mario 64, but was “as big as Mario 64” to Checchi? Obviously this hints that something big is still coming, but doesn’t restrict it to a Mario like update.

What do you think the update for Minecraft could be? Let us know your thoughts below.