Destiny’s The King’s Fall Raid Beaten in 34 Minutes in Speed Run

Now that Destiny: The Taken King has been completed the time for speed runs has begun. With the challenge of The King’s Fall Raid awaiting people, just how fast can it actually be done?

As you’ll know speed runs are about obsessively learning all the secrets of a game, finding the fastest routes to completing the game and being able to proclaim yourself as the quickest player to have completed the game. These attempts are normally recorded, or even streamed online for the world to see. This adds to the enjoyment, and stress, for the person trying to break the latest record.

What is impressive about The King’s Fall speed run is just how fast it was done. When first attempted it was run in about seven hours, but in this latest video as you’ll see it is now down to 34.09 by a player named Tfue who took part in the raid with five other Guardians. Now this time has been set as the one to beat.

While this won’t be the end of speed runs for Destiny, fans of the game will now be looking for what comes next and how The Taken King can be bettered. We know that Bungie have big plans for the game, and the players are obviously rabid for more. While the game isn’t for everybody, and has yet to really make a big impression on people looking for a game with some story to it.

Are you impressed by The King’s Fall speed run? Have you ever tried to speed run a game like Destiny? Let us know your thoughts below.