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Buy Snowflake Stealth Drone for $29 (70% Off) at SegmentNext Deals

We are past the time when racing would require open fields, clear roads as well as physical efforts. We now have drones for that! However, if you still don’t own one, SegmentNext Deals is just the right place for you!

The Snowflake Stealth Drone originally costs exactly $100 but with our limited time offers you can get it for just $29! That is a 70 percent discount on the original price!

It is a compact drone that comes with a number of savvy features that you will love:

  • 6-axis gyro technology for smooth and steady flight
  • High-speed mode for outdoor racing
  • 4 multi-color LED lights to navigate the night’s sky
  • 2.4 technology to avoid multi-drone collision
  • 4 safety-protected propellers for crash recovery
  • 4CH digital proportional RC system for indoor & outdoor flight

Needless to say, this little toy is good at 4-way flips as well as 360˚ rolls in any direction with its small size i.e. 3.5″L x 3.5″W x 1.1″H.

Upon buying the Snowflake Stealth Drone from SegmentNext Deals, you will get the drone itself (white), 1 controller, 2 batteries (1 for drone/1 for controller), USB charging cable, 4 spare blades, and 1 prop remover tool.

At SegmentNext Deals we have limited time offers and this one is no different; this offer ends in two months though.