Halo 5 Guardians: Locke’s Voice Actor Change, Visor Discussed

Halo 5 developers changed the voice actor of Spartan Locke recently, and if you were unhappy why they did so, the developers have a few things to say to you.

The Franchise Development Director at 343 Industries, Frank O’Connor was recently talking to fans at NeoGAF about the voice actor change. He explained that the reason for the previous actor’s removal was his own commitments that were too important to force him into this role:

Mike got offered (IMO) the role of a lifetime from Marvel, and so we either held him to our schedule or rejoiced in the idea of a live action Luke Cage TV series and let him fly free like a gold-shirted eagle.

And Ike was one of our original choices and has a wonderful voice. So everything worked out beautifully for everyone.

Halo 5 fans who have been criticizing the new voice of Spartan Locke weer also shutdown by O’Connor when someone said that the voice voice still sucks, he responded:

You got that from one line over radio static? Ike Amadi has an amazing voice and you’re wrong scientifically. Listen to some other examples.

Clarifying Master Chief’s visor that lit up upon gaining consciousness in the Halo 5 trailer he said “It’s metaphor/artistic license. The visor is reflective. No canonical change. Literally just going into shadow and back into light.”