Fans Having Trouble Installing New Xbox One Experience Update

We reported recently how Microsoft is letting a number of additional fans try out the New Xbox One Experience; the update started rolling out a couple of hours ago but apparently, it is causing a lot of trouble to many of the users downloading and installing it.

The feed at r/XboxOne appears to be full of complaints, inquiries and possible solutions for the issues. Predominantly, users are unable to install the update. Some have reported that their console froze while others say that they haven’t been able to sign in since the update was downloaded.

One user complains that his console was “stuck for half hour while applying update,” which is similar to another user who says he is “pretty sure that my Xbox froze while applying the preview update I just downloaded,” however, he added “I am not sure what to do because it says not to turn off or unplug the console.”

After downloading the New Xbox One Experience, one of the fans who are having trouble signing in says “when I try to sign in on my account there is just a gray box that only say close.”

A couple of users have come up with their own fixes though. For instance, here’s one that seems to have worked for a number of users:

I powered off my console completely (Held the button for 10 seconds), then unplugged the console from the wall for another 15 seconds. Plugged it back in, booted it up and it started updating again. Except this time – it finished.

Another user adds that unplugging the External Hard Drive after the hard reset fixes everything.

Have you met similar issues while downloading or installing the New Xbox One Experience update?