New Street Fighter 5 Character, Laura, Outed Beforehand

Only a couple of hours ago we reported on how Zangief was finally confirmed for the Street Fighter 5 playable characters’ list. Now, we have another one!

A new female fighter named Laura seems to have been outed by the reputed Japanese magazine Famitsu way before Capcom apparently wanted the news to be unveiled.

However, this is much more than just an unconfirmed news, because there are screenshots featuring the character that have come right out of a fight from Street Fighter 5.

We have added all the leaked images to the gallery below so that you can see Laura for yourself and decide if she is your type of a fighter.

That being said, Famitsu has now removed the post in question evidently because Capcom did not like it. This further suggests that the developers have planned an official reveal for the character.

Laura appears to be of Brazilian descent and fights in Capoeira style. Her green dress and moves apparently highlighted in the images are reminiscent of Eddie from Tekken, but only time will tell how Street Fighter 5 differentiates between the two.

Street Fighter 5 releases to PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in 2016 but so far the developers have not revealed the exact release date.