NBA 2K16 Sales Soar Past Four Million Mark in Four Days!

It is a good day for Visual Concepts as well as 2K Sports, NBA 2K16 has crossed over four million units in terms of sales!

The game was released on September 29 but the preorderers got it a bout four days before that. Even if we add that up, it means the four million mark was crossed in just about one week.

Senior Vice President of the franchise at 2K, Jason Argent, boasted that they are in it to make the best on-court basketball game and apparently, the four million units in sales prove that they have done it again.

Each year we set out to deliver not only the best on-court basketball video game, but a full off-court entertainment experience that transcends basketball. NBA 2K fans around the world are buying this title faster and in greater numbers than ever before.

Greg Thomas, President of Visual Concepts, insists that they had kept the targets as simple as possible for the development team who went in with one thing on their minds i.e. making it the most authentic and playable game of the sport:

Our goal was simple, make NBA 2K16 the most playable, authentic basketball experience ever. The development team demonstrated tremendous dedication to recreating every nuance of the sport both on and off-court, which has been the driving force behind our early success.

Are you playing NBA 2K16? Do you think it is the best basketball game they have ever made?