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Forza 6 Achievements Unlock Guide – How to Unlock

Achievements in Forza Motorsports 6 mean more than what they do in other games, because they are a representation of your true skills. While some of them are absolutely simple, others will test your resilience, patience, and could make you extremely frustrated.

Forza 6 Achievements

We’ve suggested the best possible way to acquire all 40 optional achievements in Forza Motorsports 6, so check them out.

Bronzed (10g)
Complete the three tutorial races to acquire a Bronze badge. Head to the Options tab in the main menu, then click CHANGE BADGE BOX. Select any Bronze Badge and add it to your Tag to unlock this achievement.

Community (20g)
Simply head to the FORZA HUB by clicking the Home tab in Main Menu, then selecting it. As soon as you do, this achievement will be unlocked.

Cover Car (20g)
Even if you have the bonus Ford GT, you’ll have to buy another one to unlock this. Accumulate 250,000 credits for it and buy it from the CARS tab in the main menu.

If you already have the bonus version (preorder), you can simply sell it back for half the price. It sucks, but if you’re an Achievement whore, you’d probably do this anyway.

Down Under (10g)
For this achievement, you’ll have to complete a race (not necessarily win) with the 2015 Ford #17 Xbox Racing Ford Falcon FG X. Simply select the car and select an easy track. Complete the race to acquire this achievement.

Turning Left (10g)
Just like Down Under, except you have to use the 2015 Chevrolet #9 Target Chip Ganassi Racing Indy Car instead.

Setting Pace (10g)
For this achievement, you simply have to lead for a total of 50 miles. It shouldn’t take too many races to get this achievement.

Best of Spa (10g)
Similar to Down Under and Turning Left, you must use the 2015 Lotus E23 in Circuit de Spa while selecting Full Circuit Rain option.

First Time (15g)
For this one, you’ll need to use a 1966 McLaren M2B in Free Play race with 24 Cars. You must win the race to unlock this achievement.

Street Legal (20g)
For this achievement, you will need to do the same thing as in the First Time achievement, except using a 2014 BAC Mono.

One Down (10g)
Same thing as Street Legal, except with a 2017 Ford GT.

Forza Triple Crown (25g)
You’ll automatically unlock this when you complete the One Down, First Time, and Street Legal Achievements.

Car Culture (50g)
This race will require you to complete a race with every car from Ferrari. You should use the Rent Car option to rent every Ferrari vehicle in Forza. Yes, it does require a lot of patience.

Smooth Silver (15g)
You’ll need to use a Silver Badge for unlocking this. If you opted to use the X for your Bronze Badge though, you’ll automatically unlock this achievement. If not, you can equip any Silver Badge you unlocked while completing the previous set of achievements.

Takin’ a Spin (5g)
This is pretty easy. You just need to Test Drive any car. Once you quite after passing the finish line you’ll unlock this achievement.

Posting a Selfie (5g)
Pause the game and select Photo Mode Tab. Take a picture, save it, and then hit Share to unlock this achievement.

Great Moments (5g)
This is also pretty simple. Run a single lap on an easy track and then click Save Replay towards the end. After that, Share it to acquire this achievement.

Chase Car (15g)
You’ll need to lead for 100 miles for this achievement. Pick a good car and perform a 6-lap race in Indianapolis till you hit the 100 miles meter.

Modified (15g)
You’ll need to spend some credits on Mod Packs, then equip the three different types of mods in a single race and win the race.

Rain Dancer (10g)
This achievement is multiplayer based. You’ll need to complete 50 laps in the rain in multiplayer. Create a private match and set the laps to 50, with the weather set to Rain.

Select your fastest car and complete the 50 laps to achieve this.

Nightvision (10g)
This is similar to Rain Dancer, except instead of driving in rain you must drive at night. Perform the same stuff as the Rain Dancer achievement, except selecting Night time.

Gaining Experience (10g)
Completing Rain Dancer and Nightvision should automatically get you this achievement, as it requires 100 laps in multiplayer.

Home Field (10g)
If you’ve purchased a mod pack, go through it and select a Track Specialist Crew Mod and use it in a race in the corresponding track. Simply win the race to unlock this achievement.

Digging Gold (25g)
You’ll have to equip a gold level badge for this one. You probably might have unlocked it if you’ve completed the previous achievements.

Record Breaker (25g)
This is pretty easy to unlock if you can acquire the 2011 Bugatti Veyiron. You need to go over 240mph for it. Simply upgrade it to the Category P 931, and select a linear track like Daytona Tri-Oval.

Accelerate to full speed and unlock this achievement.

Kickback (10g)
For this achievement, you will need to earn 100% credit bonus from mods in a single race. You’ll want to use a specific mod card called “Superior Payout” to acquire this achievement.

It’s a Green (Boost mod card) that will add +60% to the credit paid out. Combine this with a Purple (Dare mod card) one called “Perfectionist” and hit the objectives for a +50% credit boost.

Note that both of these cards are super-rare, and that the Boost mod card is a one-time use, so make it count.

World Traveler (50g)
Complete a race in every environment in multiplayer to unlock this achievement. Create a private multiplayer race and go through every track with the Laps set to 1 for all of this. You don’t need to win the races to acquire this achievement.

Devoted Racer (20g)
For this achievement, you’ll need to complete 300 laps in multiplayer. It needs some time. If you still have that modified Bugatti from the ‘Record Breaker’ achievement, use it in a private multiplayer race and select the Brickyard or Tri-Oval.

Set the laps to 50 and complete the 300 miles. This tough achievement will allow you to get other achievements as well.

Going Platinum (40g)
You should be able to go platinum by acquiring a platinum badge while completing the Devoted Racer achievement. Once you complete it, simply equip the platinum badge to unlock this achievement.

Racking up the Mileage (20g)
Oh dear, as if 300 miles weren’t enough, you’ll have to complete 1000 for this achievement. You should know the drill be now with ‘Devoted Racer’. The difference is this is going to take way longer.

Collecting the Checks (10g)
This one needs time to complete, as you will need to earn 50,000 credits from Drivatars. It’ll take you quite a while to complete this.

Working Artist (10g)
This is a pretty easy achievement. You’ll simply need to create a paint design and share it with the community. If you already have one from previous Forza games, you can simply upload it to FM6, apply a few changes, and then Share it.

Working Tuner (10g)
For this achievement, you will need to tune a specific car and then Share that tuning with the community. Pretty easy.

Cashing In (20g)
Okay, for this you’ll need a very good design. You need to earn around 50,000 credits through your Design. Basically, for each gamer who downloads one of your designs, you will get 500 credit reward.

If that gamer Likes your design, it will be another 1000 credits on top of that. If the gamer uses your design, you further get 100 credit. Hopefully you have good friends circle in FM6 in which you lot can help each other out in this way.

Making a Name (20g)
This reward scheme is pretty much the same as ‘Cashing In’, except that you have to earn 50,000 credits from your Tunes instead of your design. Like I said, hopefully a good friends circle would help you in this matter.

Unrivaled (20g)
You’ll have to beat 10 rivals without any assists to unlock this. Unlocking this is actually easier than it seems, as the game will find you Rival Matches.

You need to access the RIVALS tab from the Message Center, and start taking out rivals. You simply have to beat 10 of them with all assists turned off.

Speaking Up (5g)
This is very easy. During multiplayer online play, simply cast a vote for the next track/event your group will take on.

You Shouldn’t (20g)
For this achievement, you’ll need to win a 24 car race with the Manual Transmission Dare Mod. Make a super-easy Free Play race and use the ‘Manual Shifting’ Dare mod card to acquire this achievement.

I Dare You (15g)
For this, you’ll need to finish first in a 24 car race with the Back of the Pack Dare Mode. You can only obtain this card from the Signature and Premium mod card packs.

Up to the Challenge (10g)
Like the previous two achievements, this one deals with Dare mods as well to win a 24 car race. This time it is the Suggested Line Off, Cockpit Camera Only Dare mod cards.

Spin to Win (10g)
For this final achievement, you will need to perform 25 prize spins. This is only really possible when you reach Level 25 to acquire 25 Free Spins. Simply do them and that’s that!