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Former Burnout Team Tease Game with “Speed, Traffic, and lots of Crashing”

Remember back when Criterion used to make Burnout games? Last time they announced one was way back at E3 2014, and we’ve not heard anything about it since.

For those looking for some signs of a Burnout game though, it looks like Three Fields, a company founded by former Criterion co-owners Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry may be bringing us the “spiritual successor” to our favourite game about racing and crashing.

This was revealed in a series of tweets:

So what can we take from the tweets? They are working on a Burnout style game which will featuring speed, traffic, and crashing. If you are a fan of Burnout you’ll remember that these were the best elements of the game. What is interesting though is exactly which version of the game will they focus on recreating?

The last version Burnout Paradise bought us a city to race around where we could cause destruction, and race around with our friends. One of the problems it had though was a loss of some of the more fun elements such as Crash Mode, which was last seen in Burnout 3. Could we see the return of this?

I’m sure there are plenty of fans who would love to see the return of an old school Burnout game that brought back our favourite modes. Is this what Three Fields are going to provide us with?

Would you love a return to the good old days of Burn Out? Let us know your thoughts below.