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FIFA 16 Free Kicks Tips, How to Take Penalty Shootouts, Corner Kicks

The importance of mastering the art of shooting perfect free kicks, corners, and penalties cannot be neglected. These match-turning points can win or lose you a game; depending on how you execute them.

This guide provides a general overview of free kicks, penalties, and corners as well as some tips on how to perform them effectively.

Penalty Shoots – How to
Penalty shoots have not changed much from what used to be in FIFA 15. For the penalty shootout, you need to select someone who has good shot values.

While you are in for a penalty shootout, you need to try and keep the cursor in the lower-right corner inside the green area. As for charging the shot, you need to press the button shortly before the green area.

One important thing to note here is that the bars should not be more than half-filled lest the ball will fall next to the gate. Aim with the left analogue stick in the direction in which you wish to shoot.

While playing as a goalkeeper, you can move the right analogue stick in the direction in which you wish to move the goalkeeper. Another important thing to keep in mind is to only dive when the shooter touches the ball.

Free Kicks – How to
While performing free kicks, you need to notice the player’s strong foot. You need to look for players with high shooting power and kick values.

In addition to this, you need to adjust the camera so that outer player from the opposing side is in the line with the net.

As for filling the bar, you need to stay under the 2/3rd of the power or the ball will fall outside the goal.

Corner Kicks – How to
In order to execute a perfect corner kick, you need perfect timing and cross attribute.

You can press the L2/LT to call the second kicker, press the R2/RT to change the shooter, or use the right analogue stick to change the receiver.

Since corner kicks require a lot of practice and patience, I would recommend trying them out in the Free Mode and master the technique.

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