What is this Far Cry Sigma That Steam Registry is Talking About?

Okay so there is an interesting little development that we should be talking about right now. Apparently, the Steam registry has a new entry for something called Far Cry Sigma now.

Those of you who are a fan of the series would know that there is nothing in the entire series with that name; which might suggest a brand new title.

However, we are talking of Steam registry (courtesy SteamDB) which means this is purely PC related and I highly doubt that a completely new game would first be heard of over there.

As you can see on the aforementioned link, Far Cry Sigma appears to have a “Store or CD Key” billing type suggesting this is probably not free to play content.

However, what exactly it is still remains to be seen. There is talk of a Far Cry Classic port being linked with the said listing but obviously we are just shooting in the dark here.

Until Ubisoft comes up with a better explanation, or something else is discovered, that is all we have for you. However, keep checking back for more because we will be sure to update you as soon as we figure out what Far Cry Sigma is all about.