Fallout 4 Perks List for All S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats

Bethesda has been talking about the new Fallout 4 Perks system trying to explain how it is going to work. However, it is a pretty complicated yet interesting system.

You will be able to better understand once you check out the full list of all Fallout 4 perks that will be unlockable for each of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats when you start playing the game. For that matter, and to keep you informed on what you should focus on, here is the entire list of perks divided according to the stats:

1. Iron Fist: Unarmed damage increased.
2. Big Leagues: Damage with weapon increased.
3. NEW – Unidentified Armor Perk: No details.
4. NEW – Unidentified Melee Weapon Perk: No details.
5. Size Matters: BIig gun wielders get increased damage and accuracy.
6. Strong Back: Weight limit in inventory increased.
7. Weapon Handling: strength requirements for weapons decreased.
8. NEW – Unidentified Perk: No details.
9. NEW – Unidentified Perk: No details.
10. NEW – Unidentified Power Armor Charging Perk: No details.

1. Thief: Lockpicking, pickpocketing success chances increased.
2. Rifleman: Non-automatic rifles damage increased.
3. NEW- Unidentified VATS Perk: No details.
4. NEW- Unidentified Lock Picking Perk: No details.
5. Demolition Expert: Grenades, mines and dynamite damage increased.
6. Friend of the Night: Night vision, better visibility at night.
7. Rad Absorption: Radiation level decreases gradually
8. Sniper: Chances of headshot in VATS increased.
9. NEW – Shoot Through Wall Perk: No details.
10. Concentrated Fire: Accuracy in VATS increased by repeatedly hitting the same body part.

1. Toughness: Damage resistance increased.
2. Lead Belly: Drinking from irradiated sources brings less radiation.
3. Lifegiver: Leveling up gives more hit points.
4. Chem Resistant: Chem addiction removed.
5. NEW – Water Perk: No details.
6. Rad Resistance: Radiation resistance increased.
7. Adamantium Skeleton: Limbs take more damage.
8. Cannibal: Allows eating human corpses and get health.
9. NEW – Unidentified Ghoul Perk: No details.
10. Solar Powered: Health regeneration and added strength in day time.

1. Cap Collector: Vendor buying and selling prices improved.
2. Lady Killer / Black Widow: More damage against a specific gender. Special dialogue.
3. NEW – Lone Wanderer: Damage resistance, carrying strength increased when traveling alone.
4. NEW – Attack Dog: Accuracy in VATS increased. Dog can hold the enemy.
5. Animal Friend: Animals aid in fights or don’t attack you unless you do.
6. NEW – Local Leader: Stores constructed in your settlement.
7. Party Boy/Girl: Alcohol addiction’s withdrawal effects removed.
8. NEW – Inspirational: Companion does more damage.
9. NEW – Wasteland Whisperer: Pacify creatures by just aiming a gun at them if they are below your level.
10. NEW – Intimidation: Pacify humans by just aiming a gun at them if they are below your level.

1. NEW – VANS: closest quest target path visible in VATS.
2. Medic: Stimpaks and RadAways are more effective.
3. Gun Nut: Gun mods allowed.
4. NEW – Hacker: Personal computer terminals in your settlement.
5. NEW – Unidentified Inventory Perk: No details.
6. NEW – Science!: Energy weapons can be modified.
7. NEW – Unidentified Chemistry Perk: No details.
8. Robotics Expert: Damage against robots increased, sneaking up to them made easy.
9. NEW – Unidentified Radiation Perk: No details.
10. Nerd Rage!: Strength and damage resistance increased after a given decrease in health level.

1. Gunslinger: One-handed weapons get increased accuracy.
2. Commando: Accuracy of rifles in VATS increased
3. NEW – Sneak: Sneaking becomes easier as you become hard to detect
4. Mister Sandman: You get to kill humans / ghouls in their sleep.
5. Action Boy/Girl: Action Points to use in VATS increased.
6. NEW – Unidentified Dodge Perk: No details.
7. Ninja: Melee, unarmed attacks and sneak attack critical damage chances increased.
8. NEW – Unidentified Reload Perk: No details.
9. NEW – Unidentified Running Perk: No details.
10. NEW – Gun Fu: No details.

1. Fortune Finder: Caps found in containers increased.
2. Scrounger: Ammunition found in containers increased.
3. Bloody Mess: All weapons damage increased. Enemies explode.
4. Mysterious Stranger: Chances of getting help in combat from a Mysterious Stranger.
5. NEW – Unidentified Perk: No details.
6. Better Criticals: Critical hits damage increased.
7. NEW – Unidentified Limb Damage Perk: No details.
8. Grim Reaper’s Sprint: Kill enemy in VATS to restore all Action Points.
9. NEW – Unidentified Fighting Irish Perk: No details.
10. NEW – Unidentified Bullet Curving Perk: No details.

So tell us, how do you like the new Fallout 4 perks system and the unlockable perks above?

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