Ubisoft Delay Trackmania Turbo until Early 2016

The last time we really saw anything new from Trackmania Turbo was at E3. This is why it comes as no surprise that Ubisoft today announced that the game would be delayed.

In an update revealing a “new release date” rather than calling it a delay, the game which had a release date of November 25 has now had it changed to early 2016. In the update Ubisoft have cited the fact that they listen to community feedback for the game, and have listened to gamers comments and playtesting. With that the date has been changed so that more can be done to the game.

In the additional time for development they say that they are planning to enhance the campaign, and improve the game’s interface. They are also going to focus on Trackmania’s multiplayer modes as these are said to be the most popular with players. Changes to these modes will be coming from user feedback from player testing.

What is obvious is that the developers need more time to make the online multiplayer experience more stable, and not have a disaster on their hands if they released it too early. With plenty of eyes already focusing on Assassin’s Creed Syndicate because of its issues, the last thing they need would be a game like this to release soon after and be broken.

In the update they also mention that they are looking to add extra features to the game, including a way to challenge friends with the ability to add user-made tracks. If this works right then it could be one of the modes of the game that adds some longevity to it.

Were you looking forward to getting your hands on Trackmania Turbo? Let us know your thoughts below.