New In-Game Store Functionality for World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft has been going through a few update and changes as we move into the later part of the year. One of these changes has seen an expansion to the in-game Shop functionality.

To make things easier for the players, some actions that have only been available on the game website have now been moved into the store. These include:

  • Appearance Change – Changing character appearance, including gender, face, skin colour, hair colour, hair style, and name.
  • Faction Change – Switch allegiance from Hoard to Alliance, or Alliance to Horde.
  • Name Change – Change the character’s name.
  • Race Change – Change the character’s race to one that is within your same faction.

These services will only be available to purchase within the Shop when the user is logged into a character in the game. To be able to access them the user will need to log out of the character-selection screen. There are limitations for these changes, so be sure to check them if you are having any problems when trying to make any changes.

As you’ll have noticed these services are paid for. Appearance Change is $15, Faction Change $30, Name Change $10, and Race Change $25.

Along with these updates to the store you’ll also find plenty of other things coming to the game to celebrate October, and the coming of Autumn. This includes October 18 bringing the Halloween celebrations with Hallow’s End. This will give players the chance to play trick or treat around Azeroth.

Will you be celebrating Halloween in the World of Warcraft? What are do you think of the new Store updates? Let us know your thoughts below.