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New Destiny Hotfix Brings Fixes for Issues Introduced with Update

Bungie has rolled out a brand new hotfix for Destiny in an attempt to fix issues introduced with The Taken King or update

Patch notes reveal that Titan Sunblockers won’t rapidly spam the Hammer of Sol attack. Also, players reported not getting any rewards from opening certain chests, this has also been fixed.

Here are the full release notes:

This basic piece of housekeeping fixes issues that shipped with The Taken King or were introduced by Update

Fixed an issue where Titan Sunbreakers could rapidly spam the Hammer of Sol attack

Fixed an issue where players were occasionally not getting loot when opening chests

Fixed an issue where players were not earning their rightfully-owed equipment from Valus Ta’aurc

Hotfix is now live across all platforms.

Bungie recently rolled out The Taken King, the biggest expansion pack for Destiny to date. Many newcomers started their journey in Destiny via The Taken King, for them, our reviewer Shaun Cox has the following to say:

For new players, the Legendary Edition of The Taken King, which includes the vanilla game and all three expansions is a tremendous value at $60. For people who already own the base game and first two DLCs, $40 just for The Taken King is too much (and it’s even more expensive for players overseas).

You can read his full review for The Taken King, here.