Mafia III Development Team Wants to Redefine the Term “Mafia”

What is the first thing to pop in your head when I use the term “Mafia.” If I am to guess, it’s probably Italian mob, cheesy characters from the 60’s who don’t take sh** from anyone and do whatever the hell they want.

When you look at Mafia games from Hanger 13, they are also built around the same idea. However, with Mafia III, developers are looking to redefine the term, and how we see and think of it.

Hangar 13 will achieve this with help from Lincoln Clay, the lead character from Mafia III. He will only recapture the meaning of Mafia III, but give us a new perspective on Family.

Haden Blackman, creative director and studio head for Hangar 13 explained:

A couple pillars of the franchise are obviously that sense of time and place with a strong story, that’s what Mafia II was really known for. For me, I really want to recapture the term Mafia to mean more than just the Italian mob. To me it means organized crime. We can apply it to all types of organized crime, so that was the first conversation we had internally was how can we apply it to more than just the Italian mob and start to expand what we can do in the game.

Lincoln was raised in a Orphanage and later joined the army to fight in Vietnam. Upon his return, he gets affiliated with the Black Mob, he felt a sense of belonging , something that he always searched for. To Lincoln, Family isn’t about being from the same Bloodlines.

When he gets back from Vietnam, he gets really close with this black mob, and because he so desperately wants that sense of belonging and that sense of family, he does things that he probably shouldn’t or wouldn’t have done otherwise.

It instills in him this overblown sense of loyalty and that becomes his fatal flaw. It’s a really admirable quality, but he is so loyal that it gets him into a lot of trouble. Once the Italian mob betrays the black mob, that loyalty still drives him to seek revenge

Mafia III sounds refreshing, intriguing and promising. I’m looking forward to seeing how Lincoln’s story plays out. Expect Mafia III to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2016.