How MOBA Games Influenced Halo 5: Guardians’ Warzone Mode

This week we’ve seen plenty of footage of Halo 5: Guardians Warzone mode. In a recent interview with the games multiplay design director Kevin Franklin he’s revealed how MOBA has influenced its design.

Talking to Games.on, they highlighted the fact that Warzone is obviously influenced by MOBA games and how it was a breakaway from traditional deathmatch style fights, to which he replied:

“Absolutely. When we started with Warzone, we just wanted to put everything in the Halo sandbox into one single game mode. We wanted all the weapons, vehicles, AI, in one place. And of course it would be extremely chaotic if they were just all in one big center like Valhalla or Ragnarok or something like that, so we had to build a game mode around it. What we started off really early with was the AI bosses, they took a little while to come together, but you could definitely make parallels with MOBAs there which we’re not shying away from.”

In another interesting comparison to the MOBA gaming model, they asked if Warzone could spin off into a free-to-play game, while he thought that it was possible they also had to respect gamer expectations too:

“I wouldn’t object to it! But at the same time our fans have an expectation to have that giant amazing package. I think the best thing we’ve done so far with Halo 5 is just making an effort for our fans to put so much in one place. As a developer, we went into building Arena, and we’re like “oh, we can build Warzone, too” and we’re jumping up and down, we have two multiplayer games we can build and we don’t have to make compromises between them! It was really exciting. But I think it’s a great offer for fans, to have everything in one place.”

Would fans of Halo want a Free-to-play MOBA like experience that breaks away from the main game? For people who don’t buy the main game, the answer may be yes. I doubt that people looking to buy Halo 5: Guardians would want to see this direction for the game modes though.

What are your thoughts on Warzone? Are you looking forward to giving it a try? Let us know your below.