Final Fantasy XV Combat System Has Been Changed; Tabata Explains

Hajime Tabata has revealed that the Final Fantasy XV Combat System has been changed. However, the veteran has also explained how the new system is going to work, so here we go.

The first and most important thing is that instead of having preset weapons before you go to attack, you will now be able to switch between your weapons of the fly during an attack.

Tabata further explained how this is going to work with Final Fantasy XV saying that the up, down, left and right keys on the D-pad will be used to let you switch between a total of four main weapons. This would make it a lot less complicated as the changes originally felt.

The Break→Rush→Slash system that was in place in Episode Duscae has been changed which means automatic weapon change timings will not affect your gameplay in Final Fantasy XV combat system anymore.

Now, you don’t get weapons attached to the aforementioned settings but instead they will be at your command.

Last but not the least, after the Final Fantasy XV combat system changes, Raid and Counter Attack will be made with the weapon that you are currently using.

More information will be share about this soon.