Electrical Engineer Points Out Dying Light’s Inaccuracies and Techland’s Reply is Awesome

Sometimes people take games too seriously, they see something that doesn’t make sense in the real world and get annoyed by it. What happens when an electrical engineer gets drunk and plays Dying Light? He notices a few problems with their ability to generate power.

In fact they went around the city tweeting cases such as this:

Highlighting the errors in Techland’s plans. While this could have been left as an amusing moment on Twitter, Kotaku got in contact with c0mpl3x1ty, to find out more about the problems:

“Where’s the power coming from?” they said. “It doesn’t appear to be generated anywhere. No dams, no natural gas, no coal, no nuclear, nothing. Maybe they’ll get into that later in the game but it probably won’t. If I had to guess, that big substation will for some reason power the whole city or whatever, but that’s not how substations work. Substations move power, either stepping it up or stepping it down. Hence, transformers. They step it up to the BIG power lines, or step it DOWN to little power lines. The point is, they don’t generate power.”

To find an answer to this problem, Kotaki went to the developers who came back with a statement, and also a video to reveal exactly how they get their power:

“Ok the cat is out the bag. Yeah it’s true, our electrical systems break conventional design. But when you’re stuck in a zombie outbreak you’re going to have to adapt and therefore bypass certain “rules”. The people of Harran had to apply a really resourceful design which required the existing infrastructure to be tweaked. That’s why when you look at the current electrical setup in Harran things appear “wrong”.

We didn’t want this ground-breaking design out in the public before we could patent it, but your interest has shown us that electrical engineering world as a whole needs to know there are other ways to generate electricity despite “conventional knowledge”. Feel free to share this with your fellow engineers.”

Looking at the comment, and watching the video you have to applaud Techland for being willing to go with the joke and come up the “truth” behind Harran’s ability to keep power on in the city.

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