Batman Arkham Knight: Predator Map with Nightwing, Robin Surfaces

Batman Arkham Knight has not extended the dual play functionality between just the allies of Batman to the currently available AR Maps, but apparently this is about to change very soon.

If the screenshots below are to be believed, a Predator Map called Two of a Kind will soon be playable with Nightwing and Robin where you will be able to switch between the allies of Batman.

A Reddit user has stumbled upon the unreleased map in question and even explained how you can test it yourself. Of course there would be glitches because the content is not release ready yet, but it can be clearly seen that you can switch between Nightwing and Robin.

To get this, you gotta download the AR pack 2 without the latest patch. The Nightwing x Robin one doesn’t work at all, it just crashes the game, but the Batman x Robin one works. Robin never shows up however… I beat it with Batman but got no stars since they all required Robin in some form. There’s nothing new in the combat maps unfortunately.

We are not sure when the Batman Arkham Knight developers are going to release the Two of a Kind map, but it will hopefully come out soon. Until then, check out the gallery above and tell us what you think.