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You Can Now Add Up to 12 Friends in a Party Chat on Xbox One

Both Xbox One and Xbox App in Microsoft’s Windows 10 have been updated to accommodate 12 friends in a party chat. Before this update, the maximum number of party chat members was 8.

An increase in Party Chat member capacity was one of the most requested features for Xbox One. It took a while for Microsoft to implement it, but we finally have it. “There will be no visible update for your app or console, it’s all server side.”

The feature is enabled on New Xbox One Experience Preview as well. NXEO is also getting a few new features courtesy of an update that should be live by now. Below are the highlights from the update release notes.

Party text chat adds more communication options. In the New Xbox One Experience, text chat joins voice chat as a way to communicate with your friends. At the bottom of the ‘Your Party’ page, you will see a button to ‘Show text chat.’ This will let you participate in the conversation. Party text chat will also come to the Beta Xbox App for Windows 10.

A streamlined Game DVR experience. We have combined the functionality of the Game DVR snap app and the former Upload app into one easy-to-use app called Game DVR. In full screen mode, you can use this app to view your game clips and screenshot captures. When snapped, you can use Game DVR to start or stop recordings.

Visit the link above to know more about the update for New Xbox One Experience Preview.