The Stanley Parable Creator Set to Release The Beginner’s Guide

If you liked The Stanley Parable, then be prepared for The Beginner’s Guide, a new title from Davey Wreden. It is a narrative driven project, set to release on PC and MAC tomorrow Thursday, October, 1.

The game has a dream like quality to it, which is suggested by these images below:

Like I mentioned above, the game will release for PC and Mac, however, Davey has promised a Linux version as well. He was asked about it on Twitter, and according to him, Linux version will be released in the near future.

Details about the game are being kept close to the chest for now, and I guess we’ll have to play the game tomorrow to figure out what it’s really about. What we do know is that if The Beginner’s Guide is as good as The Stanley Parable, we’re in for a treat.

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