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Reminder: Club Nintendo is Closing its Doors More Regions Today

After a long time Club Nintendo is closing its doors today in Europe, Australia and Japan. Today is your last chance to redeem any stars you may have left in your account on the service. You can link your network ID to earn 750 stars.

Back in July, North Americans saw the end of Club Nintendo as all accounts were closed. Originally, Club Nintendo was opened for business back in 2002. Nintendo assigned points for registering official Nintendo products. Members were able to exchange these coins for game download codes, physical merchandise and more.

Nintendo announced in January that Club Nintendo is shutting down, with an aim to build a new loyalty program.

What we are aiming to establish is not a simple extension of the existing loyalty program but a loyalty program with, say, the entertainment elements where the members feel that they have received certain rewards as a result of not only their purchases but also the history of their gameplay and how each consumer has interacted with others. Since it is impossible to define the requirements for this sort of loyalty program 100 percent in advance, we see it very advantageous that we are able to work with DeNA who will be able to flexibly deal with such requirements

Rest in peace Club Nintendo.