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Quantum Break Developers Explain Long Development Time

Quantum Break was officially announced in May 2013 and it would have been in the works since a time before that. The development period of the title has been questioned by a number of fans and now, finally, we have some explanation from the developers.

Sam Lake, the game’s creative director at Remedy Entertainment, recently discussed the game and the long development time with Edge Magazine where he revealed a number of causes for it.

Firstly, he said that in Quantum Break they are using a number of new technologies and a number of features that have not been tried before. So naturally, when you are doing something for the first time, expected plans are sometimes not met.

Moving on, he said that when they started developing the game, Xbox One was a very new platform – it still is – and that meant they would need to make a number of prototypes. That is in addition to the comparatively longer research because this is a pretty special game.

Lastly, Lake mentioned the live action TV series claiming that just like the case with Quantum Break, they want to attain the highest quality for the TV series. That has been challenging and demanding leading to an extra bit of time being put in to it because the developers do not want to compromise on anything.

Quantum Break is now set for release on April 5, 2016.